Success Stories


Situation: Avrepilo is a Sourashtra community platform that strives to bring all Sourashtrians from across the world together under one roof to interact, support each other, exchange information, and buy/sell products.

Problem: The issue was that Avrepilo was having trouble reaching the whole Sourashtra community. As a consequence, they were unable to contact all of the members of Sourashtra. They needed to get all of the members together under one roof to do business and assist one another in any manner they could.

Solution: Macrocosm IT Services assists Averpilo in the development of an interactive website where all community members may register and do business together. We have now covered practically all of the important regions thanks to their advice.

Outcome: Macrocosm IT Service has assisted the Averpilo Sourashtra Community in connecting with one another. Their objective of assisting people of the community has been met, and many of them are benefiting greatly from this website.


Situation: SGen InfoTech is a SAP-focused IT consulting firm that has won several awards. They've been assisting clients with challenging tasks such as solution implementation, design and development, localization, and support for more than 20 years. They think that the environment in which you live should reflect who you are. Their mission is to give their clients with the best helpful, friendly, and convenient service possible.

Issue: SGen InfoTech was having trouble providing a consistent online consumer experience. As a result, they were unable to provide each consumer with entirely customised and appropriate answers. They sought a solution to link their online presence to their in-person consumer encounters.

Solution: Macrocosm IT Services suggested SGen InfoTech to establish a web presence and include full information about all services. Through an automated enquiry form, the company can build deeper and more personal interactions with clients thanks to its judgments and predictive knowledge. SGen InfoTech now manages all inquiries from consumers who are interested in their services through the website's Web Admin Panel.

Result: Macrocosm IT Services assisted SGen InfoTech in achieving a 40% increase in average order value. Their objective of providing individualised service to their consumers is now easier to attain than before.

Pooja A Shah

Situation: Pooja Shah is a very accomplished Life Coach, Vastu Shastra Expert and Consultant, Graphologist, Reiki Grand Master, Master Hypnotist, and Counselor. She has worked in the same sector for almost a decade. She feels that by sharing her expertise with thousands of individuals all around the world, she would be able to help them.

Problem: Pooja Shah only does private sessions and is finding it difficult to connect with individuals from all around the world. As a result, they were unable to attract the high-quality clients she desired, and they need assistance to boost her visibility in the globe.

Solution: Pooja Shah was recommended by Macrocosm IT Services to build an online presence and conduct sessions digitally. Thanks to her advice, I'm currently getting a lot of registrations from my own website.

Outcome:Macrocosm IT Services assisted Pooja Shah with the development of the website, which included all of their courses online. Their objective of reaching tens of thousands of students has been achieved. As a result, I am managing all of my sessions through the website and am receiving a steady stream of enrollments.

RSW Export

Situation: RSW Company exports imported fruits to a number of nations. They are receiving fewer orders as a result of the pandemic and wish to expand their business.

Problem: The RSW Export Company was having trouble getting their products into a variety of markets. As a result, they were unable to fulfill all of their requests. They required a website to promote their items in several countries.

Solution: RSW Export is assisted by Macrocosm IT Services in developing a website to exhibit their products.

Outcome: Company RSW has benefited from Macrocosm IT Services' online presence, which has allowed them to access a larger audience. It is now possible for them to reach different countries. As a result, their businesses are thriving.